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30 March 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Lilah fic table  
Prompt table from un_love_you for Lilah Morgan. I'll probably never finish it, but it couldn't hurt to try. Besides, the whole idea of 'un-love you' is just so very Lilah, I couldn't resist.

If anyone has suggestions for pairings to put with prompts, they would be welcome.

Wish me luck!

01.You were right about me.02.I was wrong about you.03.This cancels out the hurt.
04.I need to want you.05.You can be like me.06.I want to need you.
07.Prove it.08.I'm cruel.09.Always wondered what this'd be like.
10.I'm broken.11.Thought I needed this.12.I'm drunk.
13.I want to hurt you.14.I'm awake and you're breathing. (Lilah/Fred, Lilah/Wes)15.This is my desperation in action.
16.I want to break you.17.Wish I didn't love you.18.I pity you.
19.This isn't about you at all.20.I hate you, you bitch.21.You'll do.
22.I hate myself.23.You remind me of me.24.I want you to hate me.
25.You remind me of someone.26.I can be like you.27.More than life itself. (Lilah/Wes)
28.Author's Choice.29.Author's Choice.30.Author's Choice.
Wilfamy: Wilah - Lilahwillow_lives on April 1st, 2009 03:23 am (UTC)
what is this un_love_you? I've never heard of it. But I agree, this prompt table is so perfectly Lilah...it makes me want to use it too. lol

Can't wait to read your stories. :)
writing 'bout big damn heroes: Lilah - winedreamincolor on April 1st, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
It's a community I ran into where people from all different fandoms can use this same table, and fill it in using whatever fandom/characters/pairings they want. N' of course, because she's one of my favorites to write, I had to go with Lilah..

Hopefully there'll be things for you to read soon! :)